Toreta Winery

Toreta Winery – a combination of traditional and modern wine-growing and wine-making in Smokvica
In one of the oldest places on the island of Korcula, Smokvica is a place where people from olden times are farmers and winemakers and one of those winemakers is the family winery – Toreta. The winery was named after the “Toreta” – field stone shelter built from a dry wall where farmers had laid their tools and cattle for wine processing. “Toreta” can be found today in some parts of the village of Smokvice. The wine tasting area of this winery is enriched with a collection of family equipment used by the generations to handle grape vines. The tools of the ancestors Luka for more than 100 years and the knowledge and passion for the wine of the grandson Frano Baničević are the perfect combination of traditional and modern. Toreta today owns about 4 hectares of vineyards, except the superb Pošip, one of the best quality autonomous white wines of Croatia, produced by Rukatac and Plavac.
The owner, Frano Baničević, was declared the best young winery in Croatia on the 15th International Wine and Equipment Fair for Vineyards and Viticulture – VINOVITA 2010

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